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Welcome to the biggest loser TV show club. This site provides you information about The Biggest Loser TV show broadcasted by NBC network. The show has become the most popular reality television show for weight loss. It is hosted by comedian Caroline Rhea with the two personal trainers Bob Harper and Jillian Michaels.

Who doesn’t like to look great? It is a different issue altogether if one feels one looks equally great even while one has pounds piled up in one’s body. It’s time to accept the fact that looking great is directly proportional to ‘feeling great’ and that comes when you are blessed with good health. Isn’t it? So for that, we have this dedicated television show for you.

Weight loss is achieved with a combination of many things like following a diet, maintaining a good exercise regime and, last but definitely not the least, ‘awareness.’ Being aware of what to eat, what not to eat, how much to eat, what you are supposed to eat, etc. etc. etc. Find it all here on this site.

We have a wonderful collection of magic recipes which are sure to help anybody and everybody for shedding their extra fats and becoming healthy through a proper diet. Diet plays a very important role on your body metabolism and fat gaining tendency. So go on and click to know more.

Then, for further motivation for those who are still averse to what we claim, please have a look at the DVD section presented here. See for yourself and you cannot help but believe different people’s dreams coming true.

If you are still here on this page, I would like to take you to the contestants of this show themselves! You can have a look at their profiles and what they have achieved in the due course.

You can find much more information about biggest loser diets, workout books, biggest loser DVD and much more.