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NBC’s popular reality television show the biggest loser has invited people in the show who want to lose weight. By participating in this show, people can lose their weight by competing each other and win the grand prize. Contestants have been divided into teams. In every season of the biggest loser show, new techniques have been followed by the trainers to help contestants to lose weight. Every team has been assigned a trainer to train them in losing weight. Every trainer has his or her own techniques to apply and help their teams in losing weight. Now, we will see a short description on every trainer.

Bob Harper: Bob Harper Bob Harper has worked as a personal trainer for different celebrities such as Jennifer Jason Leigh. He has worked as a devoted and featured trainer in the biggest loser show. He has been a trainer for the biggest loser since 2005. Furthermore to work for the biggest loser show, he has also appeared in numerous biggest loser DVD workouts too. Along with his appearances and writing duties, he also teaches in Los Angles and takes Yoga classes there.

Jillian Michael: Jillian Michael Jillian Michaels is famous trainer known for her complete devotion to fitness in the biggest loser show. She left the biggest loser show after season 11. She has taken the decision to quit the show because she wants to work with a few doctors to education other people how to become fit and slim. She wants to give more time to start a family. She has been appointed as a co-host for the CVS television show known as The Doctors. She will work with Dr Travis Stork in this show. Her main goal is to help people in living a happy and healthy life by providing their great support that they want. Season 11 of the biggest loser will be the last season for Jillian. She has launched various fitness programs to help people in stay fit.

Kim Lyons: Kim Lyon Kim Lyons is a personal trainer, athlete and even a great fitness model that has appeared on the covers of famous health fitness magazines many times. He has been appointed as the biggest loser show as a new trainer to train contestants and help them to live healthy life and lose weight. She has been appointed as the replacement for fellow trainer Jillian Michael in the season 3 of the biggest loser show. She did not come back for season 5. She appeared at the 2007 Miss America pageant. Kim Lyons: Your Body, Your Life is a book written by Kim.

Cara Castronuova: Cara Cara Castronuova is a certified trainer is known as the new trainer for the biggest loser show. She was born in Elmont, New York. At the age of only five, she started with boxing. She even wrestled in her high school and college too. She completed her graduation degree from Hofstra University. She started making career in Boxing as a youth boxing trainer. She has also worked as a volunteer for a government-funded program that is especially made for teaching boxing virtues to the troubled youth. Now she is focusing more on helping the contestants of the biggest loser show to lose weight and get good health. Cara and Brett came to the biggest loser show in the year 2011 for one season only.

Brett Hoebel: Brett Brett Hoebel is a great fitness professional. He worked as a trainer on the biggest loser show of NBC. He trained many of the contestants participated in the biggest loser show. Brett Hoebel has been assigned with Brett Hoebel. Within only 3 weeks, contestants of the red team were eliminated one by one and hence Hoebel was even asked to leave the show. He is the most sought-after weight loss coach in New York.

Anna Kournikova: Anna The biggest loser show has appointed the new trainer named Anna Kournikova who is a famous Tennis star. She joined the NBC’s well-known reality show the biggest loser. She is 29 years old. She appeared in the season 10 of the biggest loser show. The beautiful Anna Kournikova was born in Moscow who made her huge grand slam debut in the year 1996 at the United States. A famous tennis star Anna will take great efforts to help contestants to bring their body into shape. She is filling the slot vacated by the great trainer Jillian Michael.

Dolvett Quince: Dolvett Quince Dolvett Quince has a different and inspiration personal story. He has established the workout studio known as Body Sculptor in Atlanta and became the master trainer in the city for a decade. He has even trained the start Janet Jackson. The change that he got to work in the biggest loser show will allow him to make use of his skills and expertise to changes the lives of the people by losing weight and encouraging contestants to find out the strength beyond muscle. He trained the starts like Justin Bieber too. Quince has almost ten years of training experience. He grew up with 3 siblings in Stamford, CT. He has been adopted by a Jamaican couple. Due to the difficult childhood, he became strong and got drive to work for people to change their lives. He will train the contestants in the biggest loser show along with the new trainer Kournikova.

The Biggest Loser

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