The Biggest Loser

The Biggest Loser Winner Season 13

Jeremy Britt

The winner of the biggest loser season 13 is Jeremy Britt. Jeremy is a twenty three year old banker from Rockford and he was always plagued by problems caused by obesity. He was stuck in a place in both personal as well as professional life because of his obesity. He weighed a whopping 389 pounds and could not move himself without exerting too much so he did not even think about achieving anything professionally too. But, one day he decided to change all of that and now he has become the biggest loser inspiring many youngsters of his generation.

He just wanted to get rid of the flab to live a wholesome personal and professional life. Jeremy came for the audition and was selected by the casting crew. He had no strategy when he came into the ranch but was determined to win the title and the prize money of $250,000. He had come along with his sister Conda, which gave him additional support. But, the battle was his to be fought. He followed every instruction of the biggest loser trainers, Bob and Dolvett.

Jeremy never missed a single session of the biggest loser exercise and enjoyed the biggest loser diet as well. Actually, the diet to be followed by the biggest loser contestants was enjoyable as well as the biggest loser recipes were tasty. The only thing was the portions were less and distributed evenly throughout the day and it was difficult to get used to the new diet and control the cravings for fast and fatty foods.

Jeremy Britt has indeed won a big battle as there were many games played and there were also ambitious contestants who tried every minute to out-do the other. After all this was a competition, but the contestant who put in the maximum efforts and the one who has a little luck beside him has the maximum chance to win and this season, it was Jeremy Britt all the way.

Jeremy has had his share of ups and downs in his eighteen weeks' journey in the ranch. The most shocking setback had come when he was eliminated just two weeks before the finale. His elimination came after the walk-off staged by Mark and Buddy who were adamant about not accepting the comeback of the fourteen eliminates contestants on the show. So, Jeremy had to fight it out with Conda and Kim in the elimination as they were the only three contestants left on the show.

Jeremy had lost very little pounds less than the other two and so he was eliminated based on this. He was utterly disappointed and dejected at this untimely elimination from the show. But, he had a little luck in his favor, he was given the opportunity to still come back on the show and secure a spot in the finale if he could emerge victorious against the fourteen eliminated contestants. Though it was not an equal game, Jeremy was ready to fight it out and won in all challenges that were thrown at him.

Jeremy at last won a spot in the finale and now had to compete against his sister, Conda and Kim for the title of the thirteenth season and the prize money. He managed to shock everyone at the time of the final weigh-in as he lost 199 pounds, just one pound less than the two hundred mark. The most surprising fact was that he won over the other two with a humongous margin. While Kim had lost 118 pounds and became the first runner-up, his sister, Conda had lost 115 pounds to become the second runner-up.

Jeremy is now down to 192 pounds and is the biggest loser season 13 winner. He is leading a very healthy lifestyle and still continues to be on a healthy diet and does regular exercises. He is happy to be slim and healthy and is all ready to grow in his personal as well as professional life. On his plans on what he would do with the prize money, he had told that he would lend some money to his friend, Buddy who had once told him how his family needed a van and he did not know what he would do with the rest of the money.

Jeremy is such a simple guy that he has won a million hearts and become an inspiration for millions of youngsters who want to win the battle of obesity.

The Biggest Loser

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