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The Biggest loser winner Season 12

John Rhode

The winner John Rhode takes home $250,000 payday and the title of the Season 12 winner of "The Biggest Loser". He started with 445 pounds, and now weighs 225 pounds. He lost 220 pounds, or 49.44% of his body weight.

On Tuesday, 13 December, 2011, the most exiting show reached its finale. The more happening fact on the show was that two new trainers Anna Kournikova and Dolvett Quince joined the show and Jillian Michael the most popular trainer quit this season. In spite Jillian Michael, the show turned to be very popular. The theme of this season was 'Battle of the Ages' with the contestants separated into three groups, under 30, 31-49 and the over 50s. In this battle of the ages, it turns out that a combo of youth + wisdom = win. It was very much a psychological and emotional battle.

The 41-year-old coach and teacher from Arizona John Rhode won the title of the Biggest Loser and the prize after shedding 49.44 per cent of his original body weight. The Winner of the biggest loser 12 John Rhode is the person who was very consistent, gave his best every minute for losing weight. He took every insult as inspiration. The show's trainers were also impressed by Rhode's dedication to the performance. John was a very vocal, focused and straight-to-the–point person. Although the finale of The Biggest Loser came down to John Rhode and fellow ranch mates tattoo artist Ramon Medeiros and former NFL football player Antone Davis, it was John who lost a whopping 220 pounds to become The Biggest Loser. First up was 27-year-old Ramon lost 43 percent of his body weight, going from 355 lbs. to 201 lbs. Antone turn to be second runner up lost 45 percent of his body weight.

John Rhode winner Rhode attributed his success on the show to his huge motivation to lose the weight. Rhode was trained by Dolvett Quince as part of the biggest loser’s red team this season. Smack in the middle of the age gap between the younger contestants in their 20s and the older contestants in their 60s on The Battle of the Ages season, Rhode is 41. For John, despite a few awkward moments with his team mates, his Biggest Loser victory was all about determination and focus on the end goal. John also fulfills Bob Harper's oft-quoted remark: "John won't be happy until he's pulling confetti out of his hair at the finale."

John, in his life, was someone who had just given up, lost hope and turned to be foodie instead of dealing with his emotions and problems. But, on the show he turned to be strong. When the time came to vote, he voted to keep NFL player Antone Davis around and handed him the ticket to final inspite of the fact that Antone could have been threat at the final. He worked harder and longer and adhered to his diet. "Biggest Loser" competitors and fans, alike, thought that John was crazy. Now it turns out that he's crazy like a fox.

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