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The Biggest loser winner Season 11

Olivia ward People who are looking for ways to lose weight, nothing is better than watching the best reality show the biggest loser. There are a number of people who tried several fat diets and still have not got the results. People can watch the biggest loser show which has introduced many best ways to lose weight fast. Olivia ward, New York Opera singer won the biggest loser season 11. She dropped a whopping 129lbs. She got the prize of $250,000 as she has been announced as the winner of the biggest loser season 11. She transformed herself almost from an overweight 261lbs to 132lbs.

Contestants in the biggest loser season 11 lose hundreds of pounds. After five months, it has been revealed who is the winner of the biggest loser winner season 11. Rulon Gardner is the contestant of the biggest loser season 11 left the season suddenly and came back for a finale for determining who won the challenge. Olivia Ward declared as a winner of the biggest loser season 11 and has been given the titer of The Biggest Loser to her.

According to the host of the biggest loser season 11, Alison Sweeney this season is the longest season in the history of the biggest loser. Jay and Irene were struggling for getting votes of viewers to join Olivia and Hannah in the finale three. Irene had lost the great percentage of her weight on campus and the first woman to lose almost 100 pounds. She was the quietest and reversed participant of the biggest loser season 11. Irena won the votes of viewers and joined Hannah Curlee and Olivia Ward as finalist in the show's history.

Host Alison also introduces Jillian Michaels; the trainer of the biggest loser season 11.Voted-off participant of the biggest loser season 11, Anna Alvarado, Irene's mother was the first to be voted off this season. When Anna joined this season, she was 255 and now she is 146. It means, she lose almost 109 pounds and got the prize of $100,000.

Arthur Wornum was one of the voted-off players who come out and weigh in. He is described as the biggest participant in the history of biggest loser. When Arthur started, he was 507 and now he weighs only 344. He lost 163 pounds. Jesse, father of Arthur was 293 and now he is 210. His father lost 83 pounds.

Deni Hill came into the show at 256 pounds and now she is 131 pounds. She lost nearly 125 pounds means got 48.83% weight loss. Olivia Ward has been a talkative and Hannah Curlee, her sister and former athlete struggled very hard to win the biggest loser season 11 and Irene also worked very hard for competing with both Sisters Olivia and Hannah. It is for the first time that sisters reach to the finals in the biggest loser show. All three finalists look extremely amazing and totally transformed into beautiful goddesses according to Alison. Olivia was 261 pounds when she started. And now she weighs 132 pounds by losing 120 pounds.

The Biggest Loser

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