The Biggest Loser

The Biggest Loser Season 10 winner Patrick House

Biggest loser has become the most successful reality show because of its joyful content and not to forget the way it is hosted and executed. The show not only shows the struggle, effort and the enthusiasm candidates show the most unbiased way but also has become a great motivator for many people who intend to lose weight but are unable to do so. The biggest loser DVD is another mode that needs to be followed in order to lose fast.

Patrick H The show was started as a light and informal concern by the producers to infuse a new lease in to the overweight life of many people who were discouraged. People were also allured by money and money being a great motivator helped people lose weight. The concept of the show is simple, lose the maximum amount of weight and win a fat purse.

Continuing its tryst with the same tradition, the season 10 was no exception. Patrick House deservedly won the reality show and lost a whopping 181 pounds!

Let's see some of the moments that have changed the overall perception of Patrick House the way he used to look and feel about life. His win in the reality show has also changed his approach to his job and other crucial things around him.

  • Playing it forward- Since he lost loads of weight in the tenth season of the Biggest Loser show, he has decided to carry forward the attitude he showed during the reality show. He has decided that he would try to look at things more positively. He is giving his tips to people who are trying hard out there but don't have the right techniques, approach and attitudes to lose weight. Patrick House would be helping many people and as a result of it would be joining Mindstream Academy as a mentor to help students. The biggest loser recipe is another thing that he wants to share with his students

  • On the next game plans- Patrick House has decided to play it safe and absolutely keep losing weight. Given the temptation a holiday and festive season creates in a person, it becomes really hard to keep those extra calories at bay. Having said that, Patrick has pledged to make his two sons get motivated to lose weight so that he may with them for a longer duration of time

  • How things worked for him- When Patrick went in to the Biggest Loser show, his intention was not to win but to do a routine work out session so that he may feel good first. Yes; once you start feeling good about yourself, the plan you have in front of you looks a child's play as nothing is more kicking than seeing self in a right frame of mind. The same plan worked for him and he slowly but steadily won the race (Read show)

  • Has favorite equipment- His best equipment in the show was a treadmill as it helped him shed many a pound. He has go a brand new website dedicated on his story on how he won the show and also includes tips for people who have got shedding weight on their priorities. He was not the only one who won the show. Though, he won the show officially, his wife also lost around 50 pounds seeing him work out on NBC television as she was completely inspired by the approach shown by him to shed more so that he may stay for long with his family. Bravo effort, indeed!

Thus, if you are the one who has got losing weight on the agenda to enjoy life in its choicest form now you know what to done. Just log on to Patrick site and look for the biggest loser DVD and the biggest loser diets to take inspiration and start. Welcome back to the biggest loser club as the Biggest Loser show is already making waves on the television since January 4th on NBC.

The Biggest Loser

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