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Biggest Loser for Couples, Biggest Loser Couples

After finishing the special edition for family Caroline Rhea features special edition for engaged couples. This was aired in 11th Jan 2006.

Steve and Sarah  vs.  Edwin and Rasha

The Biggest Loser Special Edition series continues with engaged couples, Steve & Sarah versus Edwin & Rasha. Both couples visit trainers Jillian and Bob at the ranch for a chance to change their lives and lose weight before their wedding days. The teams face a variety of challenges and temptations during their stay, including the chance to find $10,000 worth of wedding bands by eating wedding cake and searching among limos to find hidden money.

Engaged couples Steve & Sarah and Edwin & Rasha continue their weight-loss struggle. The couple with the highest percentage of weight-loss will finally be revealed and be declared the Biggest Losers and the winners of the $50,000 dream wedding grand prize. At the end of the episode the couple of Steve and Sarah won the $50,000 dream wedding grand prize.

Bruce and Kim  vs. Nick and Lael

On Feb 8 2006 two more engaged couples, Bruce & Kimmi from Los Angeles vs. Nick & Lael from Hawaii battle it out for an opportunity to win a $50,000 dream wedding. Both couples will get to spend 12 days at the ranch with trainers Bob and Jillian.

After the 12 days are up, both couples will weigh-in once more for a chance to win a honeymoon vacation. Once they return after being sent back home to apply what they've learned, they'll weigh-in for the final time to determine which couple will be The Biggest Losers and winners of the $50,000 dream wedding. At the end of the episode the couple of Bruce & Kimmi won the $50,000 dream wedding grand prize.

The Biggest Loser

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