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The Biggest Loser Session 8 : Second Chances

'Biggest Loser 8: Second Chances' was the season eight of the reality show The Biggest Loser. It was an NBC reality television series. The Biggest Loser Winner will be receive a prize of 250,000 USD. This show began on September 15, 2009. It had about 13 episodes. This season ended on December 8, 2009. The theme 'second chances' of this season had a specific meaning. The trainers of this season were Bob Harper and Jillian Michaels. The show was hosted by Alison Sweeny. It was narrated by J. D. Roth.

The contestants selected for this season, apart from being overweight had also met with some heartbreaking incidents or tragedy in their life. Besides this, there had been a change in the format of this show as well. The participants of this season were not spilt into different teams of trainers as it used to be done earlier.

Instead, both the trainers would train all the contestants. The scene of creating an imaginary competition between the two trainers was also done in this season. The contestants participating in the season were revealed on August 20, 2009. There were sixteen contestants altogether.

Biggest Loser Contestants and their teams:

  • Danny Cahill and Liz Young Brown team
  • Shauntina 'Shay' Sorrells and Daniel Wright - Orange team
  • Allen Smith and Abby Rike Green team
  • Amanda Arlauskas and Rebecca Meyer - Pink team
  • Julio Gomez and Alexandria White Black team
  • Dina Mercado and Randy Pauls - Blue team
  • Tracey Yukich and Mozziz 'Coach Mo' Dewalt - Purple team
  • Sean Algaier and Antonio Dove - Red team

The contestants who successfully completed their weight loss challenge by the second week of the show were allowed to escape the elimination round. Tracey Yukich did not participate in the first round of weigh-in, as she was taken ill. Her starting weight was announced after the second weigh as 238 pounds, but still it did not affect her ranking in the show. Daniel Wright, from the Orange team, fell below the red line in the ninth week. He was automatically eliminated from the show.

Finale of Biggest Loser Season 8:

The winner of The Biggest Loser 8 was Danny Cahill. He belonged to the Brown team. It was the most record breaking weight loss of 239 pounds which is about 55.58%. The runner up of this season was Rudy Pauls from the Blue team and lost 234 pounds. The second runner up of this season was Amanda Arlauskas from the Pink team. Rebecca Meyer won the prize of 100, 000 USD for maximum weight loss amongst the contestants eliminated in this season.

There were some interesting incidents that have happened in the finale of Biggest Loser 8. They are the revelation of nomination of Amanda Arlauskas from Pink team in the final three and elimination of Liz young. Antonio Dove proposed to Alexandria White and she accepted it. Sean Algaier announces that his wife has given birth to a baby girl. They have named her Jillian.

The next season of Biggest Loser was 'The Biggest Loser 9: Couples 3' which started from January 5, 2010.

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