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The Biggest Loser 5 : Couples

'Biggest loser: Couples' was the season five of the reality show 'The Biggest Loser' of the NBC reality television series. It was premiered on January 1, 2008. This show lasted till April15, 2008. It had ten overweight couples competing for a cash prize of 250,000 USD. The host of the fifth season of Biggest Loser was Alison Sweeny.

The trainers included in the season were Jillian Michaels and Bob Harper. It was first time in history that the contestants were paired in the team with whom they had a pre existing relationship. The distinct characteristic of this season was that the contestants related to each other were paired together as one team.

The contestants of season five came in pairs; the prize was given to an individual. Ali Vincent was the winner of biggest loser season 5. It was for the first time in the Biggest Loser series of the United States that a female contestant had emerged as the winner. She was also the second female winner in the history of Biggest Loser show all over the world.

The teams of Biggest Loser 5 comprised of mother-daughter, best friends, divorced couples, couples, two strangers, former football teammates, mother-son, brothers, and best friends.

Brief description about the contestants, their teams and relations in Biggest Loser 5

  • Brittany Aberle and Bernie Salazar - Blue team - Strangers
  • Lynn and Jenni Westphal - Green team - Father and Daughter
  • Roger Shultz and Trent Patterson - Grey team - Former football teammates
  • Mark Kruger and Jay Kruger - Black team - Brothers
  • Maggie King and Jenn Widder - Purple team - Best friends
  • Neill and Amanda Harmer - White team - Husband and Wife
  • Kelly Fields and Paul Marks - Yellow team - Divorced couples
  • Jackie Evans and Dan Evans - Orange team -Mother and Son
  • Bette Sue Burkland and Alison Vincent - Pink team - Mother and Daughter
  • Curtis and Mallory Bray - Brown team - Husband and Wife
During the third week, the Dan Evans and Jackie Evans from the Orange team won the prize of the biggest losers of the week. They received an option of selecting any one prize out of the three prizes namely Luxury, Family, or Game play. They had to select anyone without knowing exactly what the prize comprised of.

They selected the option of Game play and got two points for the next elimination round. The other prizes were family prize which comprised of a visit from a family member or luxury prize consisted of daily massages for a week. In the final round of Biggest Loser 5, the three competitors came and showed their transformed body and came for the final weigh–in. Ali Vincent emerged the winner with the maximum weight loss of about 112 lbs.

  • Winner of biggest loser 5 was Ali Vincent from the Pink Team
  • First runner up - Roger Shultz - Grey team
  • Second runner up - Kelly Fields - Yellow team
  • Bernie belonging to the Blue team received the Consolation cash prize of 100,000 USD

This season was highlighted with other issues that are related to weight loss and difficulties faced by these contestants in weight loss. As the task of being the biggest loser was nearing, they were under emotional and psychological pressures which resulted in weight gain in many contestants.

The Biggest Loser

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