The Biggest Loser

The Biggest Loser Session 4 with three teams

Biggest loser 4 was the fourth season of the NBC reality television series titled The Biggest loser. This reality show centers on overweight contestants who try to lose weight to get a cash prize. It is broadcasted in many countries and various different adaptations have been done accordingly.

This fourth season was first premiered on September 11, 2007 and lasted till December 18, 2007. It had fifteen episodes. It had 18 overweight contestants in the weight loss competition. The prize money was 250,000 USD. Its campus was located at California. Alison Sweeney was the host of this season. J.D.Roth was the narrator of the show.

United States is the country of origin of this show. This show lasts for the duration of sixty minutes.

In the fourth season, the contestants were divided into three teams and were led by their respective trainers. They are as follows:

Black team- Jillian Michaels
Red team- Kim Lyons
Blue Team- Bob Harper

Team and its distribution:

  • Black team: Jez Luckett, Jim Germanakos, Bill Germanakos, Julie Hadden, Isabeau Miller, Hollie Self
  • Red Team: Byran Washington, Amy Zimmer, Phil Hawk, Lezlye Donahue, David Griffin
  • Blue Team: Neil Tejwani, Ryan Rodriguez, Nicole Michalik, Jez Luckett, Kae Whang

The teams were formed during the first episode of the season. The biggest loser winner of season 4 was Bill Germanakos. His twin brother Jim also received a prize of 100,000 USD for having lost the most weight among the eliminated competitors. The fourth season began with one third of the contestants being eliminated. Later, they were included in Jillian's team and were given training. They later returned to the series. However, that team survived to the end eliminating the teams of both Bob and Kim.

Players had the option of switching over to another trainer. Amy, a contestant, felt betrayed by the comments of her trainer. So, she decided to opt for Jillian's team and left Kim's team. The teams were dissolved in the seventh week and split into a team of three contestants. They are as follows:

Bryan, Nicole, and Ryan
Hollie, Kae and David
Jez, Isabeau, and Neil
Amy, Bill, and Julie

They were trained separately. They completed their tasks and challenges together. The trio, which had the lowest points, was considered for elimination. The remaining trio's would receive one vote during elimination. In case there is a tie between two teams, the team with the lowest percentage of weight loss would be eliminated.

In the ninth week, again the trio was split into pairs for the Green week round. These contestants again completed the challenges in pairs and the pair with lowest amount of weight loss was eliminated.

In the tenth week, the players had to complete challenges individually. Now, technically they didn't belong to any team. In the twelfth round, all the members of the Kim's team were eliminated and so Kim was also eliminated from the show. This was the first such incident in Biggest loser where the entire team and its members were eliminated before the finale. Even Bob's entire team was eliminated in the fourteenth round.

The members belonging to the Black team were the winner, first, second, and third runner up in the biggest loser season 4.

The final weigh-in episode (i.e. the grand finale) of the biggest loser season 4 led to the announcement of the biggest loser season 5. In season 5, the teams will also concentrate on other aspects such as lifestyle (apart from weight loss) to win a cash prize of 250,000 USD.

The Biggest Loser

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