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The Biggest Loser Show Season 13

In the finale of the biggest loser season 12, host of the show Alison already made an announcement of the twist for the next season that is no partners. People will be excited to see the new twists in the biggest loser season 13. The pairs that will participate in the new season will fight against one another rather than as a team. The couples that will be included in the new season will be siblings and friends, spouses, and parents and kids. Another twist will be one couple will not make it to the ranch. Now let us have a look at the list of contestants invited for the biggest loser season 13. The biggest loser trainer Anna will not be seen in this season.

Team of Grandparent and grandchildren:

  • Nancy Rajala, 63, and her granddaughter, Cassandra Sturos, 25, of Fowlerville, Michigan. Nancy is retired. Cassandra is an in-home senior caregiver
Team of Parent and Adult:

  • Gail Lee, 57, and her daughter, Lauren Lee, 26, of Poolesville, Maryland. Gail works as a realtor and Lauren works as an exercise physiologist.
  • Kim Stone, 48 and her daughter Megan Stone, 21 of Dittmer, Missouri. Megan is a student and Kim is working as a registered nurse.
  • Mark Cornelison, 43 and his son, "Isaac Chism" Cornelison 19 of Magnolia, Texas. Mark is a youth pastor and Isaac is a student.

Spouses Team:

  • Christine Pickler, 42, and her husband, Roy Pickler, 63 from Middlebury, Indiana. Both Christine and Roy are self-employed.

Siblings Team:

  • Conda Britt, 24, and her brother Jeremy Britt, 22 from Rockford, Michigan. Jeremy is a banker and Conda is working as a nutrition health services tech.
  • Joe Messina, 38 comes from Auburn, New York and his brother Mike Messina, 41, from Oakland California. Mike is a cook and Joe is a truck driver.
  • Adrian Dortch, 34 and his sister Daphne Dortch, 37, from Evanston, Illinois. Daphne is a paralegal activity team member and Adrian is both community activist and a music producer.
  • Allen "Buddy" Shuh, 42 comes from Wayne, Michigan and his brother Ben Shuh, 34 comes from Howell Michigan. Ben is working as a retail store manager and Allen is a pastor.

Strangers Team:

  • Kim Nielsen, 38 comes from Roswell, Georgia and Emily Joy, 29 comes from Huntersville, North Carolina. Kim is a former pro wrestler and Emily is working as a teacher.

The Biggest Loser

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