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The Biggest Loser Show Season 12 : Battle of the Ages

Everybody is waiting for the biggest loser season 12. It will start from the 20th September 2011. The new season of The Biggest Loser will see new trainers and new contestants too. New weight loss techniques will be also introduced in the biggest loser season 12 to help contestants to lose weight. New age-related twist can be seen in this season. People will enjoy seeing the new twist in the biggest loser season 12. In this season also, people from different backgrounds have been invited to compete each other to lose weight and get the total prize of $250,000.

Season 12 contestants In this season, contestants will be divided by age brackets means the Battle of the Ages twist is going to put over 50's on one team, under 30's on another team and people ages 30-49 in their own team. The new team of the biggest loser season 12 has been announced in which the middle group is really 39-49 and not between the ages of 30 to 38. The contestants will see the new trainers in the biggest loser season 12 as old trainers were left the show. Contestants will also get the chance to choose their trainer themselves once they complete the first challenge assigned to them. It is very exciting to see which team gets the new trainer and which team remains with the old trainer.

new trainers season12 Now the season 12 is over with lot of fun and surprises. The finale was with host Allison "Sami" Sweeney! All the contestants from this season came back for reunion. They also got a chance to weigh in for the last time and check how much weight they've all lost since beginning their weight-loss journeys, which started on the biggest loser. Those who have been eliminated were competing for the $100,000 "at home" prize and competitor Jennifer Rumple, won the $100,000 at-home prize. She was handed over her check by her crush, trainer Bob Harper.

From the first week challenge the contestants have been eliminated one by one. The last 3 John Rhode, Antone Davis and Ramon Medeiros were the only one's remaining. These three were hoping to bring home the title and the prize money. They endured many things and salved and followed the biggest loser diet to lose as much weight as they could. But the night belonged to John Rhode, wholost220lbs or 49.44 % and took home the title of the Biggest Loser and the grand prize of $250,000 after beating out the other two, Ramon with a weight loss of 154 lbs. or 43.38% and Antone with a weight loss of 202 lbs or 45.19%.

John Rhode is a 41-year-old teacher from Arizona and weighs 225 lbs. When he joined the show his weight was 445 lbs. He won the title of the Biggest Loser along with $250,000 prize after shedding 49.44 per cent of his original body weight. Additionally, he also won The biggest loser season 12 winner title.

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