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The Biggest Loser Show Season 11 : Couples 4

Each season of the Biggest Loser Show ends with something surprising. This one is no exception! The end of the 11th season of the show marks the end of journey for its longest associated trainer, Jillian Michaels. Two new trainers have been appointed for the show. To give a twist to the biggest loser season 11, participants got the choice to work with Jillian and Bon Harper for a week and afterwards face eradication at the weigh in. They also had the chance to work with two new trainers at a clandestine location for the whole month before they face the probability of elimination. Participants of this season too are rivaling as partners once again. Twin police detectives, Olympic wrestler Rulon Gardner, a father and son are amid them.

Depending on the rankings received during the first challenge, the contestants would be able to know if they are fortunate enough to work with Bob Harper and Jillian Michaels on the ranch or would be shifted to other secret bases/locations to slug it out with 2 other unknown trainers in exchange for four weeks of immunity.

Biggest Loser Season 11 In the biggest loser season 11, participants were divided into 11 teams. They are as follows:

  • Pink Team: Sarah and her mother Denise
  • Yellow Team: Friends Rulon and Justin
  • Gray Team: Kaylee and his father Moses
  • Purple Team: Sisters Olivia and Hannah
  • Red Team: Jaquin and his wife Larialmy
  • Brown Team: Austin and his father Ken
  • Orange Team: Irene and her mother Ana
  • Green Team: Jay and his daughter Jennifer
  • Blue Team: Arthur and his father Jesse
  • Black Team: Brothers Don and Dan
  • Light Blue Team: Courtney and her mother Marci

All the teams were asked to choose captains for their team to lead them. Captains have been appointed to motivate them and help them in taking crucial decisions. Justin is going to lead red team and Marci is going to lead the black team. Only one person is allowed to handle the kitchen from each team. Olivia Ward is going to cook for the black team and, ken is going to cook for the red team.

Only two people are allowed to do workout with their trainers on first day. Hannah and Sarah were chosen from black team and Ken and Kaylee were chosen from red team. Challenge for all the teams is to race on Step 360s around a field and with obstruction without touching ground. The winning team will get $6,000 for completing this challenge. Marci and Justin are going to decide where their teams line up. Two people began with them at first and afterwards will be joined by a teammate at 30, 50 and 70 yards. Marci has not allowed her daughter to play this competition though her daughter wants to participate in the challenge. Kaylee, Justin and Austin start off and they are going to pick up Moses, Rulon and at last Ken. Marci starts with Jen and Olivia and they are going to pick up Sarah, Irene and Hannah.

The Biggest Loser

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