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The Biggest Loser 10 : Pay It Forward

The Biggest Loser Session 10 is the most famous reality show, in which contestants are permitted to shed weight without surgery and have a physical makeover. The biggest loser contestants in this show need to undergo different weigh-ins, challenges and elimination rounds to reach the final round of the show. All the contestants also need to undergo the biggest loser diet as well as regular exercise to shed their weight to compete for the prize of 250,000 USD. In the end the person who sheds the most, wins. For the second time, this show has 22 overweight contestants. These contestants will make use of their strength, energy and will compete to be the biggest loser this season. It began on 5th January 2010.

The biggest loser contestants are provided with trainers, who guide them to lose their weight and teach them techniques to transform their body. This show also has a family section. This season has 11 teams consisting of siblings, friends, couples, parents and cousins. The host of this season is Alison Sweeny. The trainers of this season include Bob Harper and Jillian Michaels. This reality show is a motivation for all overweight people. It works as an inspiration to increase their will power to lose weight and regain a healthy life. Now Let us take a quick look at the contestants of this season:

Aaron -is a graphic designer from Ohio and weighs 468 lbs29.
Anna - is an administrative assistant from Atlanta and weighs 330 lbs
Adam - is a non profit manager from California and weighs 402 lbs
Ada - is a project coordinator from California and weighs 258 lbs
Allie - is a student from Oklahoma and weighs 322 lbs
Burgandy - is a homemaker from Utah and weighs 231 lbs
Brendan - is a special ed teacher from Boston and weighs 362 lbs
Elizabeth - is a medical assistant from MA and weighs 244 lbs
Fredo - is a trader from Staten Island and weighs 367 lbs
Corey - is a life coach from Alaska and weighs 391 lbs
Jessica - is a bridal consultant from Arizona and weighs 282 lbs
Lisa - is a sales rep from Oklahoma and weighs 288 lbs
Jesse - is a law clerk from St Paul and weighs 369 lbs
Montina - is a singer/songwriter from Texas and weighs 287 lbs

Mark - is a bartender from New Jersey and weighs 421 lbs
Rick - is a pediatric physical therapist from AR and weighs 350 lbs
Patrick - is a sales rep from Missouri and weighs 400 lbs
Shannamath - is a teacher from Arizona and weighs 242 lbs
Sandy - is a homemaker from Texas and weighs 259 lbs
Sophia - is a high school counselor from Maryland and weighs 272 lbs
Tina: - is a retiree in Oregon and weighs 263 lbs.

In the first 3 seasons of this reality show, the biggest loser contestants were housed on a big ranch, which provided many outdoor and indoor spaces, completely equipped gym and a pool. In the fourth season, the ranch was changed as well as renamed as college camps, wherein the college students were called on the show and the winner was announced as the largest Loser Campus. Setting of contestants was reverted to a ranch in the fifth season.

An essential principal of this reality show is that overweight people contest and compete with each other to win $250,000 by losing high percentage of weight. At the beginning of every season, contestants are divided into teams and every team is assigned a skilled trainer. Trainers are mainly responsible to design and teach the contestants the complete workout plans as well as nutrition plans. It totally depends on the contestants how much of nutrition plan to follow and how much of exercise plan to execute in the absence of their trainer. This show begins with a weigh-in for determining the starting weights of the contestants. Every week culminates in another weigh-in for determining which team has lost the most amount of weight for the week in percentage. Every week, the team, which loses, should vote off one member of their team.

Teams of contestants rival one-on-one against each other, though they continue to work with their original trainers. Trainers of every team are inspired to push their contestants by a prearranged bonus structure. Inspirations for the contestants are same. People, who have been eliminated attempt to lose weight as they compete for the At Home prize of $100,000. Finalists continue to lose their weight under the supervision of their trainers of the show and eventually will compete for the big prize of $250,000. Amount of the time the finalists get before the finale differs from season to season.

The Biggest Loser

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