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Winners From The Biggest Loser Season 7 - 12

Helen Philips
The Biggest Loser Winner -Helen Philips Crowned The Biggest Loser
Season 7

Helen Philips is the winner of the biggest loser couples. Helen deserves credit for the efforts that he took in this season to lose weight. There are a number of viewers who get shocked to see Helen won the season 7 of the biggest loser show. Many were expecting Tara will be the winner of the winner of the biggest loser season 7 however now people get excited to see Helen as the winner of the biggest loser season 7. Though Helen got the victory in the biggest loser show all the other contestants of this show lost weight and attained confidence. These contestants had learned many new things and got the best results in weight loss. Helen is very friendly, caring and outgoing mom. Helen and Shanon formed a good mother and daughter team.

Danny Cahill
Danny Cahill

Crowned The Biggest Loser
Season 8

The biggest loser season 8 was a long season that involved a lot of work and also more weight lost. Contestants were trying very hard to become the winner of the season 8. In the weigh-in at the Biggest Loser Ranch, the contestant called Danny Cahill rushed ahead of Rudy Pauls for becoming the winner of the season 8 and winning the grand prize of $ 250,000. Danny got success in winning the season 8 title and that big prize too. Danny took many efforts to win the biggest loser season 8.

The Biggest Loser Winner- Michael

Crowned The Biggest Loser
Season 9

Michael has also set the record for Most Weight Lost in a Season, The Heaviest starting Weight, The Most Weight Loss in a Week, the Fastest to Lose 100 Pounds. Before entering into the biggest loser show, he tried many diet plans, prescription pills and over the counter pills and still he did not get the best results. His other attempts to lose weight include starvation and following trendy diet plans to lose weight. He was the heaviest contestant ever in the biggest show who weights almost 526 lbs. He brought his weight from 526 lbs to 264 lbs. It means, he lost 50% of his body weight in this show. One of the big aims of Michael was to start a non-profit organization to struggle against obesity problem of children. He wanted to create his own line of healthy cookbooks.

Patrick House
The Biggest Loser Winner- Patrick House

Crowned The Biggest Loser
Season 10

Patrick House, the winner of the biggest loser season 10 was unemployed father of two however; he now admits it has not been very bad at all. In this condition, he saw the biggest loser season 10 is coming soon. He decided to participate in this show and he lost almost 181 pounds and won $250,000 huge prize. He won the title of the biggest loser. When he joined this game, he was of 400 pounds. Alfrado Frado Dinten, runner up for the biggest loser season 10 also lost 162 pounds. His weight was 367 pounds when started. Patrick lost 45% weight and Frado also lost 44.14% weight. Both were very close to victory. But, Patrick did it!

Olivia Ward
The Biggest Loser Winner-Olivia Ward

Crowned The Biggest Loser
Season 11

Olivia Ward was the winner of the biggest loser season 11. She lost the great percentage of the body weight and hence won the season 11 of the biggest loser show. She won the prize of $250,000. It had been officially announced that Anna Kournikova was going to replace Jillian Michaels as the new trainer of the biggest loser show. Olivia was 261 pounds when she joined the biggest loser. Now she weighs only 132 pounds by losing 120 pounds. This season will be the fourth couple edition that features total 11 teams that consist of sisters, parents-children, friends and brothers.

John Rhode
The Biggest Loser Winner-John Rhode

Crowned The Biggest Loser
Season 12

John Rhode is the winner of the biggest loser season 12. John, a coach and teacher from Arizona, lost almost 50 % of his body weight. John Rhode is the best example for those how have given up on their weight loss problem. He won the prize of $250,000 and the title of �The Biggest Loser�. He started with 445 lbs on the show and with the loss of 220 lbs that is 49.44% he is the deserving winner of the show. Now he weighs 225 lbs. Antone Davis is the first runner up and is followed by Ramon Medeiros, who is the second runner up of the season 12. Dolvett Quince was the trainer for him on the show. John was dedicated and focused throughout the season.

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