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The Biggest Loser Winners From Season 1 - 6

Ryan Benson
The Biggest Loser Winner - Ryan Benson

Crowned The Biggest Loser
Season 1

In the 1st season finale of the biggest loser show, NBC crowned Ryan Benson, the biggest loser winner. He is 35 years old. He was used by DVD production in California. He described himself as the life of the party. When he entered into the show, his weight was 330 lbs and now he weighs 208 lbs. The fascinating Ryan Benson has a beautiful wife. He wants to become healthy for having kids. He won the biggest loser season winner 1 by defeating the semi-finalists Gray Deckma and Kelly Minner.

Matt Hoover
The Biggest Loser Winner -Matt Hoover

Crowned The Biggest Loser
Season 2

In the biggest loser season 2nd, Matt Hoover was announced as the winner. He was crowned as the winner of this season after losing almost 157 pounds in this big reality television show. He won the huge prize. He has remained very abstemious since the first day of this show. Many personal trainers, doctors and nutritionists instructed Matt about exercise plans, healthy living and right diet. He won the amount of $250,000. When matt was announced as the winner of this season, the show concluded. Seth got the amount of $50,000 and Suzy got the amount of $25,000. Matt and Suzy got married and have two children too.

The Biggest Loser Winner-Erik

Crowned The Biggest Loser
Season 3

Erik has been declared as the winner of the biggest loser season 3. He got prize of $250,000. He is the most deserving contestant of all other 50 contestants to get the victory in this show and he did it. He reduced half of his original body weight. He is a 36 year old coming from New York. He lost almost 124 pounds in this show and won the show. After returning home, he lost another 90 pounds. Kai Hibbard and Mark Wylie, the biggest loser season 3 finalists also got the cash prize.

Bill Germanakos
The Biggest Loser Winner-Bill Germanakos

Crowned The Biggest Loser
Season 4

NBC crowned Bill Germanakos as the winner of the biggest loser season 4 who lost almost 164 pounds to win this season of this show. It comes to know that Bill is going to give a free inspiring speech for the public according to a news release. He won this show by losing almost 49.1% of his starting body weight. He lost almost 164 pounds to win this competition. In his speech, he is going to talk about his experience and success that he got in the biggest loser show. He will also sign a few auto graphs. He is the Quest Diagnostics Wellness Ambassador.

Ali Vincent
The Biggest Loser Winner-Ali Vincent

Crowned The Biggest Loser
Season 5

This season of the biggest loser show was the season of couples. It has been announced the winner of the season 5 in the finale of the show. Ali Vincent has been announced as the biggest loser couples winner. She is the first female biggest loser winner. Ali performed best throughout the show and hence she got the best shot. She believed in pushing herself to the limits and proven that if you set your mind to a particularly thing, you will surely achieve anything in your life.

Michelle Aguilar
The Biggest Loser Winner-Michelle Aguilar

Crowned The Biggest Loser
Season 6

Michelle has been declared as the winner of the biggest loser season 6. Michelle Aguilar defeated other teams and got the grand prize. She belongs to Texas and is 25 years old. She beat finalists Ed and Vicky to get the huge prize after losing almost 110 pounds. She got the training from the trainer called Jillian Michael for weight loss and became the second female winner of the biggest loser show.

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