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Contestants in the biggest loser show have come with goals like losing maximum weight and winning the grand prize. Many contestants in the show transformed their life by losing a huge number of pounds. Before the biggest loser show, contestants enter to the show with huge weight gain but after the show they have seen amazing changes in their weight by losing pounds. In the biggest loser show, contestants not only lose their weight but also change their entire life. The biggest loser show gives a new way to their life. Before entering to the biggest loser show, they do not have that much confidence in losing weight. But once they enter to the biggest loser show, their confidence has been increased a lot.

Here are some of the biggest loser before and after pictures.

Biggest Loser Picture Season 1 Picture season1
Picture Andrea Picture Dana
Picture Matt Picture Season 2
Picture Bob Picture Jillian Michaels
Picture Caroline Picture10

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The Biggest Loser

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