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The Biggest Loser's special edition for family was first aired in 4th Jan 2006. Caroline Rhea returns, along with trainers Bob and Jillian, to help the Muha and Samuel families lose weight, where one of the families will win $50,000. With the help of their trainers, both families will face their challenge, and the family with the highest percentage of weight loss will be declared the winners.

The Muha Family vs. The Samuels Family

Samuels Family  vs.  Muhas Family
  • There are two teams: Muha family members Otto Muha, Erica Muha, and Shaun Muha are in red team, working with Jillian. The blue team include Samuels family members, Don Samuels, Melony Samuels, and Ravee Samuels. They are working with Bob.
  • The first challenge for the families is to race across the desert while carrying giant sundaes. Two ice cream trucks follow the families across the desert, but they don't add anything to the challenge and appear to be there for show only. The prize for the first team to cross the finish line is a brand new computer, a digital camera, and a printer. The Muha family wins the ice cream challenge and wins a computer, digital camera, and printer.
  • The second challenge is a nutrition quiz for a $2,500 shopping spree, and the Muha family wins again.
  • Even though the Muha family wins both family challenges, Otto Muha and Don Samuels engage in a personal race challenge. Don wins the race, and the Samuels family wins a 5-day trip to a spa.
  • After the weigh-in, the families are sent back home to apply what they learned at the ranch. The special seems to run about thirty minutes to an hour too long though, because some of the segments get very repetitive. At the final weigh-in, the Samuels family has lost a combined 144 pounds, but the Muha family has lost an amazing combined 219 pounds. The Muha family are the Biggest Losers and win the $50,000 prize.

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