The Biggest Loser

The Biggest Loser Workout DVD

Biggest Loser Workout, Vol. 1 DVD The Biggest Loser Workout, Vol. 1 DVD

Theatrical Release Date: October 19, 2004

Caroline Rhea

List Price: $14.98
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The Biggest Loser DVD features on the variety of contestants from season one and season two, including celebrity trainer Bob Harper. This release designed to help viewers to shed excess weight and become a fittest winner by being The Biggest Loser at home with six different fun workouts. Bob Harper as he is a trainer of series of six workouts offer healthful advice on staying in shape and eating right.

Physical workouts are some of the best ways of losing weight. To help people in losing weight fast from the comfort of their home, the biggest loser workout DVD has been introduced and is available in the market. In this DVD, people can learn different types of weight loss workouts introduced by the biggest loser trainer Bob Harper. These workouts will surely help you in shedding your excessive weight and staying fit.

The Biggest Loser

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