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Biggest Loser Season 1 Contestant : Lisa



Lisa Andreone

Lisa belongs to the red team in the biggest loser season 1. In the week 4, the challenge of climbing 74 flights of stairs is given to the contestants. Matt and Lisa compete for the red team against Kelly and Andrea from the blue team as both Maurice and Gary get injured. Due to the panic attach, Lisa has stopped at the 34th floor however, both Andrea and Kelly Mac make it to the top. As they make it to the top, they win a helicopter ride over the city. Maurice is considered as the biggest loser of the week and blue team wins the weigh in challenge. Matt is eliminated from the show. In the week 8, both Maurice and Lisa are up for elimination. Ryan from the read team turns against his ex- teammate and is the tie breaker vote for eliminating Lisa.

Age: 26
Role: 5th Place (Red team)
Start Weight: 236
Weight after Week 1: 226
Weight after Week 2: 226
Weight after Week 3: 214
Weight after Week 4: 208
Weight after Week 5: 206
Weight after Week 6: 197
Weight after Week 7: 192
Weight after Week 8: 190
Reunion: 179

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The Biggest Loser

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