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Biggest Loser Season 1 Contestant : Kelly Min

Biggest Loser Season 1 Contestant - Kelly Min


Kelly Minner

Kelly in the biggest loser season 1 struggled very hard to take off the weight. She made the changes in weight that she wanted. Her weight loss will completely change the way she works. In the week 10 of the first season, the prize of weekly challenge has been kept a $7,000 treadmill. The contestants in this week’s challenge had to stand on bales of hay with holding a bouquet of balloons. In this challenge, Ryan gets success and wins the treadmill. Both Kelly Min and Maurice have come in the elimination round. Maurice is voted off. Gary, Ryan and Kelly Min have come in the final and considered as the final three.

Age: 28
Role: 3rd Place (Red team)
Start Weight: 242
Weight after Week 1: 227
Weight after Week 2: 225
Weight after Week 3: 215
Weight after Week 4: 211
Weight after Week 5: 211
Weight after Week 6: 197
Weight after Week 7: 194
Weight after Week 8: 192
Weight after Week 9: 187
Finale Weight: 160

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The Biggest Loser

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