The Biggest Loser

Biggest Loser Season 1 Contestant : Gary

Biggest Loser Season 1 Contestant - Gary


Gary Deckman

He was announced as the runner up of the biggest loser show. Many Americans considered him the number one contestant in the show. He touched several people deeply with his great humor. He also happened to motivate many Americans to lose weight. In the biggest loser show, he lost almost 71 pounds in only 155 days. He now lives in Los Angeles but originally he was from Brooklyn. He worked as a lifeguard in healthy clubs and afterwards he became a salesperson in many of the electronic chains. The biggest achievement for him was when people started recognizing him and saying he motivated them to lose weight. According to many people, he changed their lives forever.

Age: 40
Role: 2nd Place (Blue team)
Start Weight: 227
Weight after Week 1: 215
Weight after Week 2: 213
Weight after Week 3: 206
Weight after Week 4: 195
Weight after Week 5: 190
Weight after Week 6: 186
Weight after Week 7: 183
Weight after Week 8: 177
Weight after Week 9: 175
Finale Weight: 148

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The Biggest Loser

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