The Biggest Loser

Biggest Loser Season 1 Contestant : Dave

Biggest Loser Season 1 Contestant - Dave


Dave Fioravanti

In the biggest loser season 1, 12 contestants have been divided into two teams such as red and blue team. Dave belongs to red team. Dave gives into the temptation for eating a cupcake and does the dinner with a loved one. He is eliminated in the 6th week and disappointed with the loss. He advises the blue team for working hard. Dave lost the weigh-in and pushes the blue team and suggested the TRX workout, which makes use of own body of an individual in a resistance training engine. He is encouraged at the progress of every member from the blue team.

Age: 39
Role: 8th Place (Red team)
Start Weight: 250
Weight after Week 1: 240
Weight after Week 2: 240
Weight after Week 3: 233
Weight after Week 4: 225
Weight after Week 5: 219
Reunion: 179

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The Biggest Loser

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