The Biggest Loser

Biggest Loser Season 1 Contestant : Aaron

Biggest Loser Season 1 Contestant - Aaron


Aaron Semmel

He is a 29-year-old writer. In the biggest loser show, he lost 36 lbs, which is more than anyone else from the Blue Team. Even if, he was losing pounds, according to Andrea and Kelly, he was “dead weight”. He struggled hard with his weight gain problem. He grew up with an alcohol-addicted father who was not a perfect model for him. In high school, he used to play football. Lack of exercise, unawareness about how to deal with emotional problems, and a stressed relationship with his father was the main reason for him weighing almost 468 pounds. He suffered from sleep apnea. He wanted to become a perfect model for his children and wife and hence participated in the show to lose weight and stay fit and healthy.

Age: 40
Role: 10th place (Blue team)
Start Weight: 227
Weight after Week 1: 215
Weight after Week 2: 213
Weight after Week 3: 206
Weight after Week 4: 195
Weight after Week 5: 190
Weight after Week 6: 186
Weight after Week 7: 183
Weight after Week 8: 177
Weight after Week 9: 175
Finale Weight: 148

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The Biggest Loser

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