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Biggest Loser Season 6 Contestant : Vicky Vilcan

Vicky Vilcan

Vicky Vilcan: Vicky participated in the family edition of the biggest loser show season 6 and was in the brown team along with her husband, Brady Vilcan. She is a thirty seven year old anesthetist from Houma, Louisiana. She wanted to participate in the show to lose weight and set an example for her children. She wanted to set right their eating habits as well.

She was the second runner-up of the season and put up a worthy fight against the other contestants in order to win the prize of $250,000. She weighed 246 pounds when she started out on the show and went on to lose a whopping 101 pounds and her final weight was 145 pounds. She was a fighter throughout and put up a great show. She is continuing to maintain her weight at home too and leads a happy and healthy life.


Vicky Vilcan

(Brown team)
Height : 5'6"

Start Weight: 246
Weight after Week 1: 227
Weight after Week 2: 223
Weight after Week 3: 220
Weight after Week 4: 217
Weight after Week 5: 211
Weight after Week 6: 203
Weight after Week 7: 201
Weight after Week 8: 193
Weight after Week 9: 187
Weight after Week 10: 180
Weight after Week 11: 176
Weight after Week 12: 170

Final Weight: 145

2nd Runner-Up

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