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Biggest Loser Season 6 Contestant : Heba Salama

Heba Salama

Heba Salama: Heba Salama participated in season 6 of the biggest loser season along with her husband, Ed Brantley as this was a family edition. She is thirty years old and owns a photography business. She is also working on a cookbook along with her husband which would be useful for others in their way to lose weight. It has been a long journey after the show and she has been trying to contribute to the society through seminars and talks on health and obesity. This is a combined initiative of Heba with her husband, Ed.

She was America’s vote victim and lost a whopping 138 pounds to become fitter and healthier. She weighed a staggering 294 pounds in the beginning of the show and was down to an unbelievable 156 pounds at the end of the show. Her weight loss is considered to be one of the best transformations on the show and emphasizes on calories rather than diet and insists on making healthy choices rather than just blindly cutting down on quantity consumed.


Heba Salama

(Orange team)
Height : 5'10"

Start Weight: 294
Weight after Week 1: 282
Weight after Week 2: 280
Weight after Week 3: 274
Weight after Week 4: 266
Weight after Week 5: 258
Weight after Week 6: 253
Weight after Week 7: 247
Weight after Week 8: 238
Weight after Week 9: 231
Weight after Week 10: 224
Weight after Week 11: 217
Weight after Week 12: 210

Final Weight: 156

America's Vote Victim

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