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Biggest Loser Season 6 Contestant : Ed Brantley

Ed Brantley

Ed Brantley: Ed Brantley participated in the sixth season the biggest loser show along with his wife, Heba Salama. He is a chef by profession and is from Raleigh, North Carolina. The couple was part of the orange team and managed to garner a lot of attention as they put in all their combined efforts to lose a lot of weight. The twist which happened with Ed was that he was eliminated from the biggest loser show and returned back during the eighth week.

Ed managed to lose 115 pounds and is a thirty three old entrepreneur who owns a successful cooking business. He weighed 335 pounds at the start and still managed to become the runner-up of the show. His final weight was 196 pounds and he along with his wife conduct seminars and deliver speeches regarding health and obesity. Ed is still health conscious and watches what he eats and does regular workouts.


Ed Brantley

(Orange team)
Height : 6'3"

Start Weight: 335
Weight after Week 1: 318
Weight after Week 2: 309
Weight after Week 3: 299
Weight after Week 4: 299
Results from "Eliminated Players"
Returned Week 8
Weight after Week 8: 277
Weight after Week 8: 273
Weight after Week 9: 262
Weight after Week 10: 253
Weight after Week 11: 250
Weight after Week 12: 252

Final Weight: 196

Runner Up

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