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Biggest Loser Session 2 with great response

The Biggest Loser is hosted by comedian Caroline Rhea. Bob Harper and Jillian Michaels are the two personal trainers. Each season begins with twelve to fourteen overweight contestants who compete to lose the most weight.

There are total fourteen contestants participated in the season 2 of the biggest loser TV program. They were divided in two teams: red team and blue team. The red team contains men and the blue team contains all women. Each team was given their own personal trainer of the opposite sex.

The Red Team contestants are: Matt, Seth, Jeff, Mark, Pete, Nick, and Ruben.
The Blue Team contestants are: Suzy, Andrea, Shannon, Jen, Suzanne, Ryan, Kathryn.

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Each week, the team who lost the least percentage of total weight was required to vote out one of their team members. The season 2 of the biggest loser was concluded on November 29th, 2005, when Matt was declared The Biggest Loser and won $250,000. Seth was awarded $50,000 for his second place finish, and Suzy was awarded $25,000 for third. Of the non-finalists, Pete had lost the highest percentage of weight and received the $100,000 prize.

Here are some of the new features included in season 2 are:

  • Teams were divided in Men and Women
  • Total percent weight loss was used for elimination (number of pounds lost was used in Season 1).
  • Episode 7 of Season 2 saw the blue and red teams dissolved and 4 new teams of 2 created. Three of the teams consisted of one man and one woman, and one team consisted of two men.
  • Episode 9 of Season 2 saw the new teams of 2 dissolved and the game turned individual. Unlike last year, elimination risk had nothing to do with total percentage of weight loss but was going to be based on percentage of weight loss for the week.

All the contestants in this season tried hardly to lose weight fast and win the huge prize. Matt Hoover was announced as the winner of the biggest loser season 2. He lost nearly 157 pounds and hence crowned as the winner of this season. He took many hard efforts to win the game. He took tips for right diet, healthy living from nutritionist and doctors to lose weight fast. He followed the biggest loser recipe to lose weight. There are many biggest loser recipes introduced in this show to help contestants in losing weight fast. By following the exercise plan, the biggest loser workout, following a strict diet plan, matt got success in winning the game. In this season also, people got the chance to see many news changes and twists.

The Biggest Loser

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